There are two things we know for certain:


  • Spanish and English are among the world’s most spoken and written languages.


  • Our team of qualified, native, industry-expert linguists can handle any project, regardless of complexity or scope.

This means Sirius Translations can reach an immense market with the resources to efficiently deliver translated content that is natural, accurate, competitively-priced, and adapted for every major industry sector and target audience. We offer multiple options based on your needs, whether you require a simple draft translation, certified or sworn translations, or high volume, complex material.

Our translations are manually typed or created using leading computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools that allows previously translated material stored in a translation memory (TM) to be re-inserted into the text. What does this mean for you? We can cut costs and timelines while improving translation consistency and accuracy overall.

We invite you to browse through our specific areas of expertise, and you will see that we pretty much cover everything. Even if not listed, and say you have an entire science fiction novel or book on the Mayan calendar to translate, we are confident our expert team will be able to manage it.

Translation & Localization

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