Pharmaceutics, Science and Environment

SiriusTranslations is proud to have qualified environmental experts in its team and we specialize in the field of natural sciences and environmental management, handling material such as:

  • Research articles and publications

  • Abstracts

  • Monographs and thesis

  • Scientific dissertations

  • Research projects

  • Manuals

  • Publications for museums and NGOs
  • Environmental Impact reports/assessments, etc.

  • Natural resource policies

  • Waste management policies

  • Environmental education programs

  • Ecotourism projects

We also work with texts in the field of medicine and the pharmaceutical sector, including:​

  • Articles and publications in medical and scientific journals/literature

  • Medical certificates and reports

  • Prescriptions

  • Package inserts

  • Medical questionnaires

  • Clinical trial agreements/protocols

  • Specialized books

  • Investigator's brochures

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