The post-editing, proofreading, revision, and quality management phase is the next logical step after human or machine translation, yet we have encountered countless real-life examples proving this phase is often overlooked. The consequences of, say, a company’s financial statement reporting a profit of US$20 billion instead of the originally-stated US$20 million, or a clinical trial agreement indicating a drug dosage of ten times more than given in the source document, are unthinkable. Believe us, it happens! The importance of this phase can mean the difference between a happy client and a lawsuit.

SiriusTranslations assigns each project to different linguists and reviewers not involved in the translation phase, who are trained to diligently check for correct translation, spelling, grammar, and punctuation; we ensure formatting obeys the source text or is adapted to the client’s needs; and we make the process of reading easier for the target audience.

Post-Editing, Proofreading, Revision & Quality Management

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