"It's not what you say, but how you say it" . 

With English as your second language, you know your level is already good. Grammar, fluency, vocabulary, you have it all, but you still feel your accent may be holding you back socially or professionally. Speaking a language with a "native" accent can make all the difference in how people perceive you.     

The accent you have now is perfectly fine, and it's part of who you are, but imagine being able to develop it to sound more British, or American or even just neutral whenever required.

Accent and dialect coaches offer an exclusive service and are able transform accents with astounding results, but they are often in high demand and with fees to match. Maybe you're not preparing for a movie role, or your company simply does not budget for this type of training, but you would still like to reduce or refine your own accent to suit your own needs or those of your company. This is where SiriusTranslations can help:

We offer affordable accent coaching to give you the edge. While focusing primarily on developing the standard British accent, you will also study the phonemes of standard American and learn how to identify other regional accents of the English-speaking world. 

Our fun, dynamic and immersive courses are designed around the fundamentals of English phonetics and phonology. We can teach you how to:


  • Recognise and produce the sounds of the English phonological system.

  • Identify and understand the regional accents of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales; accents specific to the regions of North America, Australia and New Zealand; and the unique qualities of accents typical of people from European countries.    

  • Enhance fluency and phonological accuracy when reading out loud and during spontaneous speech.

  • Use points of tension, sound placement, rhythmic energy, and tune in order to perfect the desired accent (it sounds technical but it actually becomes second nature after practice)

  • Master correct pronunciation and use of key consonants and vowels through word and sentence drills

  • Develop your native-sounding accent through constant imitation and repetition, using audio recordings of native speakers for reference and comparison.


What's more, you will be able to put the techniques into actual practice -with instructor guidance and feedback- within the context of general conversation, discussions on specific topics, role-playing and learning specific language content for real life applications, including:

  • Social and business etiquette

  • Meetings

  • Presentations and speeches

  • Specialised and general conversation topics for social settings

English Accent Coaching

Maximise potential and sound like a native when interacting with the English-speaking world

Try out our course and take your English language skills to a level beyond what you thought possible!

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